Reaching Macau

Option 1: Most preferred option is landing at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) & then taking ferry to Macau.

Option 2: Taking flight to Macau. Very less connectivity. However, delegates from Singapore, Vietnam, other South-east Asians countries & China have good flight connectivity to Macau. Please check with your local travel agencies before planning your itinerary.

Taking Ferry from Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) to Macau

Option 1: If you are landing at HKIA early in the morning, the earliest ferry is at 11 am to Macau (Outer) - Turbojet Ferry. Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal to Grand Sheraton is 11 kms (takes 15-18 minutes by taxi). Ferry time to Macau is 1 hour from HKIA. (Check schedule on Here)

Option 2: If you are landing a little later in the afternoon, please take 12:15 pm ferry to Macau Taipa - Cotai Water Jet Ferry. Taipa Ferry Terminal to Grand Sheraton is 4.5 kms (takes 8-9 minutes by taxi). Ferry time to Macau is 70 minutes from HKIA. (Check Schedule on Here)

The ferry ride is very scenic, comfortable with wifi and options for snacks & beverages.

Visa requirement: There is no visa required for Hong Kong, as the immigration is done at Macau. There is no VISA REQUIRED FOR MACAU, except for a few countries. Click here to know more. Hong Kong Visa is required in case you are immigrating into Hong Kong and then taking ferry to Macau.

You will have to directly proceed to Sky Pier service to take ferry to Macau, once you are out of the aircraft. The airport is clearly marked with signage to assist reaching Sky Pier ticketing counters. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED TOWARDS IMMIGRATION. Your checked-in baggage can be directly connected to Macau through Sky Pier ticketing counter. Please produce your boarding pass with luggage tag and your luggage will be tagged to be picked at Macau (after immigration in Macau). Most preferred option is to have your luggage as hand-baggage.

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